Disclosure of Interest

Hedland First National are proud to tell you that our management have taken ownership of local electrical contracting business Pilbara Comfort Air and Electrical.

We are a local business through and through and so is Pilbara Comfort Air having serviced our market for over a decade. We have long been a user of this companies services and welcome the opportunity to now guide its service.  The attentiveness of trades is often a battle for property manager’s who can be criticised for factors outside their control. We can now ensure that your property managers will get great service when maintaining your properties.

Our Advice hasn’t changed!

Our advice around air conditioners in Port Hedland hasn’t changed in 15 years and won’t.  It remains;
  • Avoid installing expensive central ducted systems. When they break (and they will), your tenant loses aircon throughout the entire house and in summer this can be unbearable!
  • Install ‘splits’ instead.A series of smaller systems is a better option. This way at least when the AC in the master bedroom fails in the height of summer your tenants can simply move to another room until rectified!
  • Service your aircons to maximise their life!!! Aircons up here have a really tough life. Between the heat they are working in, their often 24/7 operation and the dust and corrosive environments they operate in, they simply don’t live as long as they do in the capital cities.
  • See above point……Make use of the ‘winter service specials’ when they are offered to lower the overall cost of extending their life.
We are committed to providing our customers the highest level of service we can achieve whether we are selling a property, collecting your rent or now, through PCA….fixing your Aircon or electric faults.